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Microsite Gen is the easiest and fastest way for Office 365 users to generate and manage public static pages and microsites.

With an intuitive builder that doesn’t require any coding knowledge, a few minutes is all it takes to get a web page up and running with Microsite Gen.

No coding? No problem

Generate a static page or website in 3 simple steps

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Step 1 - Pick a template

Get started by choosing your page or website’s look from one of the many templates available. Whenever you feel like changing, simply pick another one from the list. All areas, information, and functions will instantly adapt to the new design.

Step 2 - Choose your functions

Select what you want your site to do from a list of functions. Microsite Gen offers a responsive experience so your audience can use all your website’s functions regardless of the device of their choice.

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Step 3 - Add your content

Since you already use Office 365, you'll feel right at home using Microsite Gen. All content is managed from SharePoint Online, included in your Office 365 subscription, making for a familiar experience for everyone involved in the content creation process.

Our Services

Microsite Gen provides an ever-growing suite of tools aimed at increasing productivity.

Save time spent on mundane tasks

Automation is a philosophy common to all O365 Robots. Let our tools accelerate the most mundane bits of your job for you so you can concentrate on the rest.

Websites with templates Ready to use

Tools in our Microsite Gen suite require minimal setup to be up and running. Just select your template, insert your data and your website will be available.

Take full advantage of Office 365

Microsite Gen’ tools work alongside your Office 365 subscription and allow you to take advantage of products you might not even use.