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The chat assistant that helps employees fill in timesheets in just a few seconds.

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Filling in timesheets is a time-consuming and dull task no employee enjoys doing. It’s also essential to make sure projects are on track and clients are correctly billed.

Through fast and simple dialogue, SmartTime Bot spares employees the trouble of manually filling in timesheets, while giving managers the up to date and error-free info they need to make sure everything is on track.

As easy as chatting with a colleague

SmartTime Bot integrates with Slack, Skype or Microsoft Teams, so employees don’t need to change context. All they need to do is start a conversation with SmartTime Bot or wait for it to do it at the scheduled time of the day. The conversation unfolds naturally.

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Save some time, save a lot of money

Because it’s so simple to use, SmartTime Bot excels at fighting inertia, making sure timesheets are filled fast and daily. Besides saving employees a lot of time and the company some money, it also drastically reduces the margin of error on billable hours and allows managers to track their team’s progress more accurately.

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Timesheet Bot comes with many benefits

Improve accuracy

Reminds users to fill in their timesheets daily, so they don’t forget what they were working on.

Save time

Timesheet Bot greatly reduce the time employees spend filling in their timesheets.

Improve management

Timesheet Bot allows companies to bill clients accurately and keep projects under control.